O.S.T / Burt Bacharach: Casino Royale , 電影原聲帶 / 伯特巴克瑞克 : 皇家夜總會完整版 (180g 2LP)

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    ★ TAS 上榜名盤

    ★ 2021年新版


    LP 1

    Side A

    1.Casino Royale (Main Title) by Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Bras
    2.The Look of Love, Vocal by Dusty Springfield
    3.Moneypenny Goes for Broke
    4.Le Chiffre's Torture of Mind
    5.Home James, Don't Spare the Horses
    6.Sir James' Trip to Find Mata

    Side B

    1.The Look of Love (Instrumental)
    2.Hi There Miss Goodthighs
    3.Little French Boy
    4.Flying Saucer / First Stop Berlin
    5.The Venerable Sir James Bond
    6.Dream on James, You're Winning
    7.The Big Cowboys and Indians Fight at Casino Royale / Casino Royale Theme

    LP 2

    Side A

    1. Casino Royale (Main Title) Performed by Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass
    2.Opening Cars Converging / To the Bond Chateau
    3.The Black Rose / James Bond in Scotland
    4.The Widow Duty of Lady Fiona / Wassail
    5.The Grouse Shoot / Mimi's Lament
    6.Gymnasium Training
    7.Proposals, Super 8 and Costumes
    8.Sir James' Trip to Find Mata / Temple Dance
    9.Have No Fear Bond is Here (Single Version) Vocal by Mike Red

    Side B

    1.The Look of Love, Vocal by Dusty Springfield
    2.Sitar Background / Old Berlin House / Mata Hari School for Spies
    3.Bond Arrival in France / Vesper in the Shower
    4.Le Chiffre's Magic Act
    5.Vesper's Kidnapping / End of Torture Sequence
    6.Fight in Casino Manager's Office / Dr.Noah's Headquarters / The LSD Room
    7.The Big Fight at Casino Royale (Film Version) / Seven Bond In Heaven / End Title