Balthazar / Wait Any Longer Live EP【2016 Record Store Day 限定發行】(10" Vinyl)

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    Fresh from winning three MIAs in their homeland of Belgium (Best Alternative Album, Best Group + Best Album), Balthazar release this exclusive live EP pressed on 10” vinyl (the first time these recordings have seen a physical release).  Since the spring 2015 release of their third album Thin Walls, the band have toured the world tirelessly including dates across the US and a recent east European stint.  Wait Any Longer Live EP is made up of four songs recorded on the road, recorded at such celebrated venues as Forest National (Brussels) and Bataclan (Paris).



    Side A

    1. Then What (Live at Rock En Seine)

    2. Bunker (Live at Forest National)


    Side B

    1. Nightclub (Live at Bataclan)

    2. Wait Any Longer (Live at Forest National)