Marilyn Monroe / Incomparable , 瑪莉蓮夢露 / 無與倫比的夢露精選 (180g 2LP)

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    ★ 永遠的性感女神瑪莉蓮夢露與她的歌唱作品最精選,囊括多首夢露自演自唱的電影主題曲

    ★ 收錄多首夢露與女星 Jane Russell 、男歌手 Yves Montand、Frankie Vaughan 等巨星的合唱作品

    ★ DMM 刻片技術壓製,33 轉 180g 重量盤 (2LP)


    LP 1

    Side A

    1. Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

    2. When Love Goes Wrong (with Jane Russell)

    3. Two Little Girls From Little Rock (with Jane Russell)

    4. Bye Bye Baby

    5. Ladies Of The Chorus

    6. Every Baby Needs A Da Da Daddy

    7. Anyone Can See I Love You

    8. Kiss

    Side B

    1. One Silver Dollar

    2. Down In The Meadow

    3. The River Of No Return

    4. I’m Gonna File My Claim

    5. I Wanna Be Loved By You

    6. I’m Through With Love

    7. Runnin’ Wild

    8. Some Like It Hot

    9. She Acts Like A Woman Should

    10. You’d Be Surprised

    11. Do It Again

    LP 2

    Side A

    1. A Fine Romance

    2. After You Get What You Want, You Don’t Want It

    3. Heat Wave

    4. A Man Chases A Girl (with Donald O’Connor)

    5. Lazy

    6. That Old Black Magic

    7. I Found A Dream (with Laurence Olivier)

    Side B

    1. My Heart Belongs To Daddy

    2. Let’s Make Love (with Yves Montand & Frankie Vaughan)

    3. Incurably Romantic (with Yves Montand)

    4. Incurably Romantic (with Frankie Vaughan)

    5. Specialization

    6. ‘Rachmaninov’ & ‘Chopsticks’ (with Tom Ewell)

    7. HappyBirthday (for President Kennedy); Thanks For The Memory



    瑪莉蓮夢露 / 無與倫比的夢露精選 (3CDs)


    發行日期 : 2012/08/24

    唱片編號 : VP80128

    國際條碼 : 8712177060566