Chet Baker / Sings & Strings , 查特.貝克 / 唱與奏 (180g 2LP)

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    ★ 酷派爵士大師 Chet Baker 唱奏合鳴經典作品一次到位

    ★ 請來 Zoot Sims、Russ Freeman、Joe Mondragon 與 Shelly Manne 等大牌樂手助陣

    ★ DMM 刻片技術壓製,33 轉 180g 重量盤

    這套跨廠牌集結 Chet Baker 音樂生涯《Chet Baker Sings》、《Chet Baker Sings And Plays》、《Chet Baker & Strings》三張經典專輯的《Sings & Strings》,絕對是樂迷們得以窺似這酷派爵士大師的最佳選樂入門。歌曲中除了包含最為人所熟知的〈My Funny Valentine〉外,參與專輯錄製的樂手也都是當時一時無兩的鑽石級陣容,其中又以 Strings 該張請來 Zoot Sims、Russ Freeman、Joe Mondragon 與 Shelly Manne 更為令人目光一亮。而 Chet Baker 擅長的抒情浪漫與哀愁頹廢在此套專輯中俯拾皆是,堪稱是 Chet Baker 的「羅曼史」。


    LP 1

    Side A

    1. The Thrill Is Gone
    2. Look For The Silver Lining
    3. But Not For Me
    4. Time After Time 
    5. My Funny Valentine
    6. I Get Along Without You Very Well
    7. There Will Never Be Another You
    8. I Fall In Love Too Easily
    9. Someone To Watch Over Me

    Side B

    1. Daybreak
    2. Just Friends
    3. I Remember You
    4. Let’s Get Lost
    5. Long Ago And Far Away
    6. That Old Feeling
    7. Like Someone In Love 8. My Ideal

    LP 2

    Side C

    1. Married An Angel
    2. Love Walked In 
    3. A Little Duet For Zoot And Chet
    4. You Better Go Now
    5. Why Shouldn’t I?
    6. Trickleydidlier
    7. I’m Through With Love
    8. You Don’t Know What Love Is

    Side D

    1. What A Diff’rence A Day Made
    2. The Wind
    3. Love
    4. I Love You
    5. I Should Care
    6. Autumn In New York
    7. Goodbye